frequently asked questions

Q: (Music) I am looking to book a band for my spouses birthday. We would like a national artist, but we have a limited budget.

A: Depending on the artist, it might be a possibility. However, a Tribute Band can offer the look and sounds of your spouses favorite artist, and we can provide the show at a fraction of the cost.

Q: (Music) I am looking for a artist that you do not represent, how would I go about hiring the artist for our event?

A: As a national booking agency, we can negotiate with any artist, or their management to work a deal to hire them for your event.

Q: (All) Why should be use your booking agency instead of booking direct?

A: We are bonded, licensed, and insured. We deal with the artists often and we know which ones honor their commitments and which ones do not. We also contract all of our shows and events so that everyone is on the same page. If they are listed on this website, they are great to work with. Booking direct with a shady artist could be disastrous.

Q: (All) Are you charging me a "service fee" above the event/artist fee's?

A: No, all of our fees are factored in to the price that we quote you. Most of the time, the performer or artist pay us our commission out of their fee. Film and TV artist's are paid via terms of the contract for the production they are working with.

Q: (Music) When booking with you, are there any up-front costs?

A: At the time we contract the event, show or production with you, there will usually be a deposit required. This deposit varies according to the entertainment that you have hired.

Q: (All) Are all Booking and Talent Agencies required to be licensed?

A: YES! Absolutely. Florida, California and New York are very strict on this. If you are hiring through a booking or talent agency and they can not show you their Talent Agency License Number, STAY AWAY. These can be verified online via the States websites.

Q: When will more F.A.Q.'s get posted?

A: We are adding to this section when we get asked the same questions multiple times. If you do not get your questions answered here, feel free to email, FaceBook, LinkedIN, or call us.

More as soon as needed....