Theme'd Weddings

Every dreamed of having a unique wedding that you and your guests will always remember?


We provide theme'd wedding with many options.

  • Celebrity Officiants
    That's right! We have great relationships with television personalities, musicians and celebrities. We even have budget friendly options.
  • Celebrity Impersonators make for a more budget friendly ceremony
  • Full themes - including movie cars and props from your favorite movie or television series.
  • Themes can be center around your venue and can be outside or inside.
  • You can even have your favorite band perform at your ceremony.
  • Tribute Bands are available for a more budget friendly option.
  • Wedding is legal in all 50 states.

Already married? Renew your vows! Recommit your marriage to your loving spouse.

Theme examples include be definitely not limited to (Themes are endless) - Dukes of Hazzard, Back to the Future, Cosplay, Horror, Sci-FI, Country/Rustic and so much more. The ideas are endless. Of course, you still have the option for a Traditional Wedding.


Music for your ceremony can also be your favorite local band, Disc Jockey, solo or duo artists.

Give us a call (424) 501-6103 to discuss your thoughts and let us assist you in making your day, perfect!