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Growing up as an Air Force brat exposed Heath to a smörgåsbord of musical influences. From his grade school days in Texas listening to Buddy Holly and Elvis, to high school in Montana when surf and folk music held his attention, on to his early college days in Japan when he was caught in the tidal wave of Beatle-mania that hit that country with a vengeance.

With three albums of work from the 80s, a European released pop-means-R&B album entitled Nervous Love in the mid-90s, and immortality status from any number of New Wave compilations, Heath maintains he's never stopped writing, recording and performing. Although he pays his bills with work as a software engineer, he's always thought of himself as a musician and performer first. Thus, the tag "come back" doesn't really resonate with this artist who's phone number song served as the soundtrack to the lives of millions over two decades ago.

Now in the late 2000's the album Beautiful Ending has been released. You can book the solo acoustic show of the new album which will also include some of the hit classics in the set list!

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